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With over 23 years in Corporate Sales and Management, coupled with 18 years experience in Texas real estate as an investor, I bring to the table an abundance of knowledge on how to navigate through every problem and solution you will ever encounter in real estate. Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, I can help you through all your real estate transaction needs. It was my passion and drive for helping people that catalyzed my decision to leave a 23 year career in healthcare to pursue my dreams in real estate full time. Throughout my sales career, I have always been recognized as a top performer, and I attribute that to my ability to build relationships, listen to and understand the needs and goals of my customers, and to provide outstanding service that keeps my customers coming back time and time again for repeat business. I have lived buy one simple principle that has proven to be key to my success, always take care of my customers! Dedicated to helping Texas residents, I specialize in residential homes and real estate investment transactions in Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth areas. 

From the simplest residential sale or purchase to the most complex real estate transactions, we are committed to making the transaction seamless while obtaining the highest possible value for your home in the shortest amount of time. We offer a full suite of services that centers around identifying the best methods of obtaining the property of your dreams in a competitive marketplace. There are many agencies, on-line companies, and agents to choose from to assist you in your real estate needs. When you are considering your options, please note that we go above and beyond in helping you analyze your transaction from a full 360 degree perspective, taking into account your acquisition strategy, your holding strategy, and your exit strategy so you can maximize your return on your investment both now and in the future.